The Book of the Series

Martin Bowler and I have been writing a full account of our adventures and inevitable trials and tribulations ….and we’re happy to say ….our triumphs, during the making of this series of films. The book will be published in late October 2008 by that classic angling book creator,
M Press.                                                            

The book is a bit of an epic, with over 100,000 words (you don’t have to read them all !), twenty six chapters, three hundred and seventy two pages, and over four hundred pictures, including numerous film strips of actual images from the series. The book is also enhanced by over forty illustrations of fish and wildlife especially commissioned from famous sporting artist Rodger McPhail.

Martin and I think it’s a cracker….of course….and it’s BIG too. In fact, if you’ve got a boat, it will make a good anchor !

We certainly enjoyed writing about catching so many big fish and also photographing them and the surrounding landscapes. We were also chuffed to receive some lovely wildlife shots from friends who happen to be some of the finest photographers in the country.

We've also compiled hundreds of images into 'film strips' from the actual programmes so that you have a better impression of what actualy happened as you read the stories. We believe this creates the perfect link between the films and the book.

We hope you enjoy sharing our adventures.

There will be a very smart version of the book, a collectors’ limited edition, available in November, leather-bound and boxed.

To book a copy or express an interest, please email or telephone 0845 4082 606

The book and the DVD of parts 1 - 3 of the series are available from or telephone 0845 4082606

  Illustrations by Rodger McPhail

Catching the Impossible
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